I Live Here:SF was a photography/portraiture project that I began in March 2009. It was an exploration of the city through the visages and stories of the people who participated, and through it, I learned so much about San Francisco and its myriad of nano-neighborhoods and micro-climates. Living in San Francisco, and our communal attachment to the city, was the common thread for the work that I was doing.

 I Live Here:SF was an open invitation to San Francisco residents to enjoy and participate in, sharing many facets of life in this city with each other and the world at large. The project was featured in the San Francisco ChronicleSF WeeklyKQED Arts Online, Litquake and The Urbanist. I was the first Commons Curatorial grant recipient at SOMArts with a retrospective show in November 2012.

My subjects were willing to share the nooks and crannies of the day-to-day places that mark their lives as well as glimpses into the way that San Francisco itself has become an integral part of their identities.

Each portrait session was truly a partnership. It’s also unique in that the majority of people who participated had never met me prior to volunteering and I often knew nothing about them, not even what they looked like: all I know is that they lived here, too.

You can see the entire archive of I Live Here: SF on the Wayback Machine.